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Hi Scott,
Thank you for your prayers! That's my heart beat as well.

Here's the list. For your own interest, answer it all yourself before 
checking the answers that follow.

I'd be interested to hear your comments.

Your brother in Christ,


-Place an "O" after Old Covenant practices-i.e. those which were to be 
practiced between the time of Israel's receiving the covenant at Sinai and 
the death of Christ at Calvary.
-Place an "N" after New Covenant practices- i.e. those which are to be 
practiced by saints after the death and resurrection of Christ.
-Place a "/" after practices that are never taught in scripture.

1. Teach speakers to preach to congregations from pulpits.  (   )
2. Teach saints that when the church assembles together they are to exhort 
one another, edify one another, confess their faults one to another, pray 
one for another, comfort one another, rejoice with those who rejoice and 
weep with those who weep.  (   )
3. Teach believers to erect consecrated buildings as places of 
worship/places to meet with God. (   )
4. Teach all believers that they are members of the clergy. (   )
5. Teach churches to meet in houses. (   )
6. Teach Christians to take collections to give to evangelists, preachers 
and teachers who come to minister in the church. (   )
7. Teach Christians to give tithes and offerings to help build and maintain 
meeting places and support ministers.(   )
8. Teach believers that they are all ministers. (   )
9. Teach believers that all church leaders are to be "laymen". (   )
10. Teach the saints to gather to listen to sermons. (   )
11. Teach the saints that full-time workers are to be supported by others 
who work with  their hands.(   )
12.Teach believers that their pastors are to work with their hands to meet 
their own needs and to support others. (   )
13. Teach believers that full-time workers are to be given workers' letters 
of commendation before commencing full-time Christian work (   )
14. Teach believers to gather together to stir one another up to love and 
good works. (   )
15. Teach believers that only specially qualified ministers may administer 
baptism and the Lord's supper. (   )
16. Teach Christian women to wear headcoverings in church meetings.  (   )
17. Teach Christian men not to wear hats or caps in church meetings. (   )
18. Teach believers to be quiet and reverent when they enter the house of 
the Lord on Sunday morning.  (   )
19. Teach believers to contribute to corporate church collections every 
Sunday.  (   )
20. Teach believers that God dwells in buildings which are erected or used 
as places of worship. (   )
21. Teach Christians that Sunday is the Lord's Day and Christians are to 
keep this day holy unto the Lord. (   )
22. Teach Christians to go to church at least every Sunday morning. (   )
23. Teach that most Christians are to be passive observers in church 
services. (   )
24. Teach Christians to be active participants when the church gathers.(   )
25. Teach that those who have been gifted as evangelists, pastors and 
teachers are to be remunerated for their ministry, but those whose gifts are 
exhortation, giving, ruling, showing mercy etc are to minister freely, 
voluntarily and without remuneration.  (   )
26. Teach christians that they are to personally and privately store up the 
collection for the saints on the first day of the week. (   )
27. Teach God's people  to keep and observe a specific day of the week and 
certain days throughout the year in special ways. (   )
28. Teach believers that they are all ordained ministers. (   )
29.Teach Christians that whatever their ministry from the Lord to other 
people, it is to be ministered freely without charge.  (   )

New Covenant Ministry Answer Key (with scriptures):
1. O  (Nehemiah 8:4)
2. N  (Hebrews 10:24,25; I Thess.5:11; James 5:16)
3. O (Ex.25:22; 30:6,36)
4. N (I Peter 5:3, "heritage" is the Greek word KLEROS  from which we get 
our word "clergy".)
5. N (Acts 8:3; Rom.16:5; I Cor.16:19; Col.4:15; Philemon 1:2)
6. /   (Rather we are to help those who GO FROM US "taking nothing of the 
gentiles" or charging, requiring or demanding nothing  of the Gentiles for 
their ministry. III John 1:6-8)
7. O  (Ex.25:1-8; Num.18:24,26,28)
8. N  (I Peter 4:10,11)
9. N  (I Peter 2:10, the "laity" are the LAOS or "people of God".)
10. /  (We have been deceived that homilies are monologue sermons and that 
"homiletics" is the art of sermon preparation and delivery!  The Greek word 
HOMILEO is used four times in the scriptures and every time it is a 
conversation among a number of people! See Luke 24:14,15; Acts 20:11 and 
24:26. HOMILEO is translated "talked" and "communed".)
11. O  (Numbers 18:24; Neh.10:37; 12:44; 13:5)
12.N (Acts 20:33-35)
13. /  (Neither "ordination certificates" for "Reverend pastors" nor 
"worker's letters of commendation" are ever found in scripture!  Letters of 
commendation were often written for travelling saints to commend them to 
others at their destination.  Acts 18:27; Rom.16:1,2;  II Cor.3:1; 8:16-24; 
Philippians 2:19-24 and 25-30 etc. But each such letter had only one journey 
and one destination in view. There was not one kind of letter of 
commendation for "ordinary Christians" and another for "Christian workers"!)
14. N  (Hebrews 10:24,25)
15. /  (If making disciples and teaching them to observe what the Lord Jesus 
commanded is the responsibility of every believer, then so is the 
responsibility to baptize such disciples. (Matt.28:18-20) NOBODY is given 
authority to "administer" the Lord's Supper!  Every believer is commanded, 
"This do in remembrance of me."!  (Luke 22:19)
16. /  (Rather, when they pray or prophesy. I Cor.11:5)
17. /  (Rather, when they pray or prophesy.  I Cor.11:4)
18. / (Believers ARE  the house of the Lord 24/7!  I Cor.3:16; Eph.2:22)
19. /  (I Cor.16:1,2 has personal ("every one of you") and private ("lay by 
him in store")
        collections in view, not corporate collections in a gathering!
20. O  (Ex.25:8, but is no longer true today. Acts 7:48; 17:24)
21. / (If just Sunday is "the Lord's Day", whose are all the rest???  See 
Romans 14:5,6 and Col.2:16,17)
22. /  (Christians don't GO to church, they ARE the church!  Just as I don't 
"go to Woodford", I AM a Woodford!  )
23. /  Body members all have their own functions to fulfill as directed by 
the Head.  I Cor.12
24. N  (Heb.10:24,25)
25. / (Such a distinction is never taught in scripture!  Rather, we are 
members in a body and as each member ministers as it is meant to, and as it 
is directed by the Head, the needs of all the members in the body are met. I 
26. N  (I Cor.16:1,2)
27. O  (Ex.20:8-11; Lev.23:3-37;  Romans 14:5,6; Col.2:16,17)
28. N  (John 15:16 -ordained to bear fruit that remains;  I Pet.4:10,11 all 
are gifted and all are to minister as good stewards of the manifold grace of 
29. N  (Matt.10:8; Acts 20:33-35; I Cor.9:18)

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