House Church Talk - Re: Passion

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Wed Mar 3 12:16:35 EST 2004

> With these problems (at least to me) and a few others, I still think this
> was by far the best portrayal of the Passion I have ever seen. It should at
> least give us a briefest glimpse of the smallest portion of the agony my
> sins caused my Lord Jesus.
> Hope I was clearer without being too long.
> Mike S

I dunno - if this is what makes me a saint...
I have always been under the impression - speaking off the top of my head and without
scripture - that it was the rending of the temple curtain that is the horribleness of agony -
not a physical torture or agony.  It is embodied in My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me
and no film can come close to capture that horribleness.  One who was in the bosom of the
father from before creation - now forsaken of the Father - for me.  Certainly the blood of
agony is real, but the horribleness of the God-man Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ suffering
at the forsaking of God in my stead - that is awesome and waaaay beyond any imagery, methinks.
Dan ChicagoArea

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