House Church Talk - Gene Edwards' Dec.2002 Letter

R.L. Johnson rjohnson at
Wed Mar 3 15:33:37 EST 2004

I hope you will allow me to speak on this issue for just a moment.

I do not know Frank or Gene, I do however know how easy it is for G_dly men
to fall into the trap of adultery.

I thank G_d that I have not feel into the trap but I have been drawn to the

I understand how easy it is to stand back and point fingers.  I remember
clearly how I looked at others and wondered how weak they must have been to
fall.  In hind sight, I was so blind to how Satan works and how easy it is
for anyone to fall.

Sin first starts as a thought.   Simple enough, we have a thought go through
our mind and for some reason it will linger there.   From the thought, we
allow the idea to play around in our minds.  Still believing we are strong
enough to play with the idea and not fall into it, we allow it to tease us.
At some point, we slip and fall and allow the thought to turn to action.

I pray for Frank and for Gene and anyone else who is caught in this terrible
ordeal.  I pray for their families and for their children.    Lastly, I pray
for all of those who have looked towards these two men for leadership and
guidance over the years.


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