House Church Talk - Why messages occasionally fail to post.

David Anderson david at
Sat Mar 6 20:00:43 EST 2004

      Hi all,

I thought the new federal legislation was going to curb spam.... not.

You wouldn't believe how many spammers are eagerly attempting to post 
messages on this list. Some are even customized to look "official."

If YOUR message does not appear on the list in a few minutes, perhaps you 
have sent it FROM a mail account unrecognized by the list software.

Or, if you sent your message TO multiple recipients, it would have been 
bounced to the moderator (for approval, hours later) as messages sent TO 
multiple recipients are a likely indicator of spam.

Sorry for any delay or problems you may have experienced. Remember never 
to open attachments from unknown senders or even  known senders if they 
look suspicious.

     David Anderson

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