House Church Talk - Re: Baptisms and Administrations

Bruce Woodford bwood4d at
Sat Mar 6 23:27:20 EST 2004

Hi Ross,

I'm a little puzzled!  You made a statement re. other peoples only being 
able to have a relationship with God through Israel. I questioned your 
statement (not believing that it is true at all) and you ask me to help you 
to prove YOUR STATEMENT which I have brought into question!!!   If you don't 
know why you made it in the first place, why not just say so and drop it 
until you know for sure if it is so???

Re. Job, it has been my understanding that he lived roughly around the time 
of Israel's Exodus from Egypt, which puts him long after Israel became a 
nation!  The same with Cyrus and the Magi!

I asked the following question and you have not answered it at all!

"What specificly do YOU  see about John's ministry and baptism under the old 
covenant, the Lord's disciples baptizing people under the old covenant and 
the Lord Jesus' commission to baptize disciples under the new covenant that 
relates to the present day practice of baptizing believers in water??"

Why have you chosen to ignore it???

Brother I also asked that if your doctrine was truly a  scriptural one to 
simply state it in the words of scripture or acknowledge that it is not a 
scriptural doctrine.  Your response was, "Bruce, This we will get to in 
course. I am not intending to frustrate here, it is just that I want to try 
to organise our presuppositions so that semantical arguments don't derail 
the discussion. (Not to mention I am deliberate also.)"

Brother, I have not sensed any "organization of presuppositions" here at 
all!!!  Have you???   I am simply asking for the scriptural statement(s) of 
your doctrine!!   The very reason why I am challenging it is because I do 
not see it as a scriptural doctrine whatsoever! I have no idea why you are 
beating around the bush, nor do I have any idea what bush you are beating 
around!!!  Let's get down to the basics of "What saith the scripture?"!!

Maybe you don't even agree with me that all scriptural doctrines are stated 
in words of scripture. If so, please say so, tell me why and site some 
examples of other "scriptural doctines" which are not stated in words of 
scripture. But, if you do believe that scriptural doctrines ARE stated in 
words of scripture, then just show me the scriptural statement(s) and let 
scripture convince me.

Your brother in Christ,

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