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jim pierceall jpierceall at
Mon Mar 8 08:53:47 EST 2004

Hi Janet, RJ and list talkers....  I appreciated much of what you shared,
and found agreement.. but rather than just applaud that - allow me expand

I think the key word to what DavidA said - was that it would be "talking
points" addition to homechurching discussions...  and I read no endorsements
to what Pro Preacher was actually saying, when he said downloads were too
big to actually hear...

I couldn't handle the whole download either, but read the running commentary
of what others were saying...  For the most part sad....O:>(

My immediate first thought was, all we need is one more Pro Preacher, from a
Superior/High and Lifted Up Podium, telling the sheep's "what and how" to
believe ...  Ironically, not dissimilar to a "Pope in his own right".. ha!
Substituting his voice for the One that would teach us...

But discourse and discussion is Good...  Where the plentiful errors, might
be discussed or elaborated concerning - and we ALL participate and learn in
that process...  dare I call it ecclesia-ing...? O;>)

Here's one for consideration and I hope others weigh in...:

In the movie, a special cross of saw millrd lumber, was used for Yeshua to
carry.  While the other two, were given rough hewn cross members only.  We
trust that to be an inaccuracy don't we?  And why?

Who was the cross prepared for?  I mean it was standing ready for another...
In the rush (12 hours and really less) the Romans already had three cross
members prepared for that "penalty day" didn't they?  And once "one walk
free" Jesus assumed his place - with no time for special preparations...

Who was the one that the cross prepared for that day?  Thoughts and

JimP - kentucky

<How could these words be improved?>

When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

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