House Church Talk - Re: Baptisms and Administrations

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Tue Mar 9 12:21:59 EST 2004

> That is precisely why the Lord's commission and command to baptize disciples
> in Matt.28 has nothing to do with John's baptism!  But has everything to do
> with believers in Christ on new covenant ground.
> Your brother in Christ,
> Bruce

Bruce & Ross,
Keep the dialog up on hctalk - I am kinda liking it.
In otherwords, don't dispense the dialog or take it offlist where it may be more proper - I am
enjoying the back and forth, and it is showing us all how we can differ on some fundamental
issues and still be brethren.

For me, this is important.  We started meeting in a "closed" plymouth brethren house meeting 12
years ago.  When the issue of dispensations became waaaaay to much for us to staunch, we left.
My kids and wife would have left years earlier, I demanded that we stick it thru some more
rough waters.  Dialog was non existent - dispensations were there and if not liked - there was
no discussion.  That was 5 years ago we left.  I told them that when I accept their teaching
that Jesus would have come back if Israel had taken Jesus as Lord in Acts 3 - I will be back in
their meeting.  Dear saints and we miss the times of friendship and worship together.  They are
not friends, they are brethren.  We do not communicate with them - we are not in the same
caste.  There is a caste system here in 'merica, really.  Them that have, them that don't.  But
that disappears as we are brethren.
Dan ChicagoArea

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