House Church Talk - passion review from Boston Globe

jim pierceall jpierceall at
Tue Mar 9 16:20:42 EST 2004

Oh yes Dan..  Just as the "Guru's" have forecast, and warned us - Every
since the movie has been showing, especially here in the wickliffe,
kentucky, we have had incessant and non-stop rioting in the streets...
religious zealots foaming at the mouth...  looking for someone, just anyone
to extract vengeance...

Of all that would step forth and tell us how to think in terms of what is
"good and evil" for society, I would think the Boston Globe would be one of
the least creditable...  Consistently staking out positions and supporting
perversity - one might deduce that they want to officially storm heaven and
become the standard by which all else is measured...

 This really doesn't come as any great shock and surprise...  We that are
familiar w/ the Boston Globe, readily acknowledge - they have for years -
think themselves to be g_ds...

 I justbetya that Carroll, since he despised the movie, you would find him
to hate the book.. O;>)

Truth in advertising should be strictly adhered to by the BG - and they
should bill themselves as "blind guides for the blind..."  Yet sadly, they
have a willful growing ranks...

Thanks for your humor Dan... I must have needed it..

Your brother, JimP - kentucky rioter O;>)

> I skimmed thru this review.
> Seems decent.
> Dan ChicagoArea

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