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One of the most fascinating questions, to me, is whether our Saviour, in
saying the words "as oft as you do this, do it in memory of me" is
speaking of a ceremony OR merely referring to the simple act of eating
and drinking (which really can be done in remembrance of his sufferings
and death at anytime). The latter view would certainly give new meaning
to the words "as oft as ye do this." If Jesus were referring to a
ceremony, he would not have said "as oft as you do this" (i.e. a
ceremony), do it in remembrance of me" (another ceremony) for such a
statement would have been entirely redundant.

David, while growing up, I always thought this was the reason we said a
blessing over each and every meal.
Was the thought process of a backwoods country child correct?
The most meaningful celebrations of the "Lords Supper" always took place in
small settings over a nice country supper.  Pot roast, 'tatters, carrots and
the like.  During the meal, someone would stand and take the bread and break
it, offer a blessing and then ask that we remember that Jesus was coming
again.   Soon after another would do the same with the cup.   I always
thought this reflected more on the truth of the celebration.
I never understood why the churches I attended wanted to make this a somber
event.  I always thought it should be a celebration.
I once heard a teaching about the word "remember" from the phrase "do this
is remembrance of me"    This person explained that the original Greek could
also mean that Jesus wanted us to remind Him of his coming again.
So, when we eat our meals, we remember that our Lord is coming and he also
remembers he is coming for us.
Just my thoughts and musings.


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