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Bruce Woodford bwood4d at
Wed Mar 10 10:13:59 EST 2004

Hi David,

You wrote in part:"One of the most fascinating questions, to me, is whether 
our Saviour, in
saying the words "as oft as you do this, do it in memory of me" is speaking 
of a ceremony OR merely referring to the simple act of eating and drinking 
(which really can be done in remembrance of his sufferings and death at 
anytime). The latter view would certainly give new meaning to the words "as 
oft as ye do this." If Jesus were referring to a ceremony, he would not have 
said "as oft as you do this" (i.e. a ceremony), do it in remembrance of me" 
(another ceremony) for such a
statement would have been entirely redundant."

I think you have raised a very practical subject for new covenant believers!

The Lord jesus never established any ceremonies or rituals for His people to 
"observe" or have "administered" to them!  The old covenant was marked by 
many distinctions between holy and common things. (Common days and holy 
days, common people and holy priests, common buildings and holy buildings, 
common clothes and holy clothes, common foods and holy foods etc etc.)

But I think the genius of the new covenant is that it encompasses a holy 
people who are called to a life of holiness 24/7 in which everything that is 
common to them is made holy!  Thus we do not have a holy priesthood, we are 
all holy priests!  We do not have holy days for we are called to a holy 
life! We do not have common food and holy food, common breaking of bread and 
holy breaking of bread, but rather all of our food is sanctified (made 
holy). We are not even involved in "secular work" versus "sacred work"!  As 
servants of the Lord and ministers gifted by Him for service, all that we 
do, whatever our daily assignments are are to be done as "unto Him"!

So, it is my opinion that, if we truly grasp what new covenant living is all 
about we will no longer think in terms of a holy/common dichotomy in any 
area of life!  The Lord Jesus, in sanctifying the people with His own blood, 
has made the common holy!

Am I off base or is this true to scripture?

Your brother in Christ,

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