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jim pierceall jpierceall at
Fri Mar 12 09:52:22 EST 2004

> In our area, there is a preacher who is so agitated he has spittle coming
> out of his mouth when he talks on the TV news.    He is the same person
> says "His" denomination is the only one that has a firm grasp on Truth.
> I was just wondering if my observation is off base?
> RJ
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Sure does stir "Passion".. no?  ha!

We have this friend, who years ago was on a business trip.  Checked into a
major hotel, unbeknownst to him, there was two meetings being hosted at that
time w/ each having a large following...

The Shiners, a spirited group w/ enthusiastic participants...
The Full Gospel Business Man's Fellowship, a spirited group w/ enthusiastic

Stepping off the elevator for bk'fast the next morning - he stepped right
into the middle of those two groups...  Instantly a rush of thought came.
If anyone was to see him, which group might they suppose he belonged?  He
tells, he felt a tug towards the Shiners, and a subtle revulsion towards
the FGBMF...

Choosing the neutral middle ground that most have staked out
as comfortable, he went on to breakfast...  but a miserable bk'fast it
was...  as he pondered how he, as a professing Christian, could harbor such
treacherous treason in his heart???  To identity w/ "folly makers" and shun
the "radical christians" disturbed him greatly...

Midway into the naggingly miserable bk'fast, he was furnished a picture:
That of Jesus on one side and Barabbas on the other

After all these years, basic question remains - "who do we choose?  Yeshua
or Barabbas?"

Actions certainly speak more loudly than mere words...

.... and I suppose in God's eloquence, He leaves us w/ no other choices...

In using the words of Elijah we might now say:
1 Kings 18 <adaptation>
How long shall we falter between, only the two choices
If Barabbas be your role model, go for him...
If Yeshua is your role model, then go for Him...
though the children tend to want to remain silent

JimP - kentucky

BTW:  anyone have any reports concerning the viewers reactions in your
communities...?  The young around here seem to be the ones that are getting
the "greater message"...

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