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Mon Mar 15 12:32:24 EST 2004

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> according to Barna, was their non-church nature. ³Notice that the growth 
> activities ­ Bible reading, prayer, small groups ­ are those that do not take 
> place at a church. The church-oriented endeavors ­ attending services, 
> volunteering in church programs, Sunday school participation ­ showed no 
> movement. This may be an early warning sign that we are entering a new era of 
> spiritual experience ­ one that is more tribal or individualized than 
> congregational in nature.²

Well, we know that the church (overall) of today, at least in Western society, 
must go through changes.  It simply cannot continue to go on the way it does 

In the past, as both Scripture and church history show us, the Lord has always 
been faithful to introduce the changes we need in any given generation, often 
bringing about great revival in various forms.  God knows how to turn His 
people around.

In the OT, there is an interesting comment: "It is time for thee, LORD, to 
work: for they have made void thy law."  (Psalms 119:126)

When the people of God ignore and even make light of what God is saying in 
Scripture, then the Lord Himself must act, for only He can bring about the 
correction in our hearts & lives that is needed.  And we who know the Lord 
should also know that He is faithful to do for us whatever we need.

Small informal group meetings is one sign of a gradual change in church 
structure and practice, and a trend that may truly grow into the dominant 
norm.  But other changes will and must also occur, and some of them will be 
much more sudden in nature, as the Lord pours out His Spirit upon His people.  

I believe this whole society will again be turned upside down by the Spirit of 
God working in His people.  The common people and outcasts of our generation 
may very well rise up to proclaim Christ Jesus to the whole world.

God is faithful, therefore change must come, and it will originate in heaven.


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