House Church Talk - Re: a good time for all

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Tue Mar 16 11:14:34 EST 2004

> He failed to mention my bald spot and the fact that his wife whooped me
> badly in ping-pong.  She was even wearing a skirt!   Maybe I should have
> wore my kilt :)
> RJ

If you do, I will.  With a mainline name like Gordon, a kilt shoud be part of my regular habit,
but it is not.  So, if you do, I will also RJ :)  Great to hear of your work in the schools -
there is real field there and you are in a place that may accept that effort moreso than more
urban areas where the clamp is waaay tighter, eh?

Jim - not only traffic - you don't need to ask about the weather.  It is winter until sunday,
and then some more cold weather... probably.
Dan ChicagoArea

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