House Church Talk - Re: First century power grab

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Tue Mar 16 11:23:32 EST 2004

DanB wrote:
> A few are even trying to cast doubt on the NT writings which urge us to
> submit to one another, and especially those who have been tested and proven
> faithful.


Is this issue of submit to one another an issue in housechurch?  It is written, I agree, but
many of us - well, at least myself - do not have a congregation to number ourselves amongst -
it is just us and our family or just oursleves.  How does submit to one another look in
homechurch?  Is this submitting to one another?  My adult sons still live at home and we like
that as they were homeschooled.  But, they kinda get rowdy after we read the Bible together,
but they are well trained (personal opinion, I know).  It gets kinda silly when we sing a
couple hymns.  I submit to that although in years past I woulda blown a gasket.  Is that submit
to one another in a sense?

Or would submit to one another leave me in the former home group we were amongst - "closed"
plymouth brethren where their stated basis was the Bible, but in my estimation it centered more
on the writings of John Darby.  We all submitted for several years, then left.  Should we still
submit?  Is submit got to do with the proliferation of groups meeting, or no?

This question just struck me as I read your notes, DanB.
Dan ChicagoArea

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