House Church Talk - Re: Jesus-Centered Celebration Time (3/13-14) Review!

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Wed Mar 17 22:21:17 EST 2004

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 18:41:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Thomas Shou <thomasshou at>
Subject: Re: Jesus-Centered Celebration Time (3/13-14) Review!

Dear HC saints,
For those of you wondering how it all went last weekend - the verdict is 
Last Sat (3/13)
LORD showed me so clearly again that I have no idea what a "Celebration" 
gathering looks like, esp. when over 20 saints from different backgrounds 
gather together to share their lives and stories with each other for a 
day.....the bottom line was my very loose outline of the day went quickly 
out the window, as a HUGE joyous Family Reunion occurred before my eyes 
--- I said these saints came from different backgrounds, yet to my 
surprise most of them knew each other from past history and "meatings" 
unbeknownst to me! So it TRULY was a GIANT and kinda chaotic Spiritual 
FAMILY Reunion for many saints -- some of these saints had known each 
other for over 20 years and had walked together for a time and then ended 
up in separate places -- Now they were all under one Happy HC roof! So I 
learned the precious lesson that you can't organize a family reunion -- 
it completely takes a life of its own! which can be both good and bad, 
depending if all are sensitive to the Spirit's leading s!
tep by
But on Sat, some more vocal brothers went on and just intros 
alone took us into the afternoon! (some intros went on for 30 min...but 
PTL some blessed personal testimonies were shared!) 
Bro Zion didn't deliver his message until almost 2:30pm! He focused on 
God's desire for a Home to call his own from day one (from OT to NT), 
beginning with that first Wonderful Heavenly Family of the Father and His 
only begotten Son! Zion declared strongly that only housechurch was 
"normal church" and it is altogether God's wisdom to set the church, His 
house and resting place in the resting place of man, man's home. I had no 
idea Zion could preach with such power and clarity in English! That was a 
wonderful surprise and blessing for all!
I learned from this day that the best thing for saints to do when they 
gather together (whether 3 or 30) is have no set agenda, but just let the 
Spirit lead anyway He wants the time to go -- in "meatings", songs, 
sharings, teachings, etc...and let it end when it ends...I also was 
reminded again that when saints come together, the "meatings" around the 
meals (breakfast and lunch) are such a beautiful and integral part of the 
gathering -- that's where much real relating happened... and I felt like 
the "bad guy" always telling people to re-convene for the "real" meeting 
time.....Leave as much time as needed when saints get around the meal to 

The miracle was that out of all this chaos we actually ended ahead of 
time in a time of singing (intro my new "church revival song" and prayer 
before 5 pm that day! I was pooped but happy to see the LORD put together 
this big reunion!
BUT The biggest blessing this weekend came on Sun (3/14)! where the 
Celebration DID continue into our normal home gathering.....stay tuned!

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