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Wed Mar 17 20:26:53 EST 2004

I wanted to comment on the issue of submission, but deleted the original
post so I am just working off the top of my head.

God's desire is for us to walk together. 1 John 1. Hard when no one wants
to walk with you. Your too conservative, too narrow, or too open, or too
somethings. Hard when you can not trust anyone since those who have
gossiped about you are the only ones around. Hard to do when you do not
see anyone whose walk you respect, and your not even sure about your own
when your honest. But just cause the ideal is not there as far as your/my
human eyes can see doesnot mean do not go forward. praying that Lord will
bring a brother by who you can love and be loved.

Do not despise the day of small beginnings. Things develope from one
healthy cell. The faith of a mustard seed dies then sprouts forth a plant
that is large. One day at a prayer meeting I hugged a brother because I
felt he needed it. That hug was used by God to bring about major healing
and transformation. All I knew was if that was me I could use a hug.

Outside of my family I do not have anyone locally that I to submit. I am
just looking for brothers to walk together. If that happens the
submission to one another will come. I have seen that happen in the past
in a couple of different locals and am sure since the Lord has led us
here that He will bring this about one day. Soon Lord Jesus, please.

Cliff Silliman <cliffsilliman at>
1 Corinthians 14:15

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