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Scott Dowlen scottdowlen at
Fri Mar 19 09:33:57 EST 2004

I know I have been more aware of his love than ever before. My experience
includes things going better, but even before the things started improving,
I felt His love more than ever before.

My opinion is that there will be simultaneous outpouring of fullness of his
love on his children and a shaking of our circumstances. I know that God has
corrected and rebuked me and yet at the same time I've never felt more loved
by him!  It's not that his love is increasing, but maybe that our awareness
of it is... maybe our hearts are softening and our ears opening...

My family has abandoned the institutional church because it was devoid of
relationship and full of busy-ness. We are looking to community as the true
purpose of our walk here on earth -- community that builds up believers and
lifts up the name of Jesus so that lost souls are drawn to Father.

If Jesus said that 'love' was the true mark of his disciples, it would make
sense that a great awareness of his love would be manifested for us, in us,
and through us. We have to be filled with his love in order to pour it out.
But at the same time his love draws us close, I think he will start to shake
everything that is not of him - not of love - so that only his unshakable
love remains!!

----- Praise report - glory to God!! -----
Some of you may remember from emails long ago that I and my family have been
dealing with a major illness. My wife has been sick for about three or four
years (longer actually, but the onset was gradual and not severe until about
three years ago). At the end of 2002 (about November) she almost died. She
had been completely bedridden for many months and had wasted away to
nothing. God has brought her back to health, and in the last month or so,
she is getting muscle mass (she's never had as much muscle - ever) and her
strength and endurance are improving. She has a husband (me!) and two little
boys (8 years old and 4 years old) who are thankful to Father every day for
healing Steph!  The youngest boy has never known a healthy mom, and he is
really enjoying the recent changes. During her illness, all she could do was
draw close to God - nothing else was left. Her friends abandoned her, we
left the IC, and God was leading us into a wilderness experience like
nothing we had ever anticipated. We kicked and screamed and cried, but
ultimately we learned to trust (OK, we're still working on that one).  The
shaking I mentioned before has been the hardest thing I can imagine, but now
when other stuff starts shaking I know what God is doing! I would not trade
any hardship if it meant less depth in my walk with God. Praise him for
getting us through this trial and praise him for healing my wife!  Our
father loves us dearly and even if the enemy means to steal, kill, or
destroy we have a father who can turn the tables and make something good
that brings honor to his name!  \o/


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> Here's another goal we sorely need......letting God's people
> know how much He adores them as a parent adores a child.  I don't
> know, I've been feeling His love in an increased way as of late.
> No, not with things going better, problems getting solved, etc.
> But just feeling the love anyway.    Anyone else been feeling it?
> Peace,
> janet

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