House Church Talk - God's love / Praise report

David Anderson david at
Sat Mar 20 20:18:03 EST 2004

>I would not trade any hardship if it meant less depth
>in my walk with God. Praise him forgetting us through this trial
>and praise him for healing my wife! Our father loves us dearly
>and even if the enemy means to steal, kill, or
>destroy we have a father who can turn the tables and
>make something good that brings honor to his name!  \o/

This, dear readers, is unconventional wisdom and uncommon sense. It is 
the reason we pray for His will rather than for more material blessings 
and no conflicts nor problems. Modern Christianity, for the most part, 
insists that we trade those hardships off, asap.

I am seeing more truth in this short letter than entire volumes at the 
local Christian book store. Thank you Scott and we rejoice with you in 
the healing of your wife.

May God help us all and revive his church.

    David Anderson

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