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Sun Mar 21 14:02:38 EST 2004

> I read about a book called Fluid Church recently and it got me to thinking.  
> Does anyone else see the correlation between the Christians and fluid water?    Sometimes we are slow and deep.  We study and contemplate and we are serious.  At other times we are swift, churning boiling and splashing over.  We are full of energy and we transfer that energy to others.
> Additionally, I see Christians in all walks of the church both IC and HC as water which flows and mingles and changes course and direction.  We are all headed towards the ocean but we are not all following the same river bank.   
> I know this is rambling and disjointed.  It is just something that keeps running around in my brain.  
> RJ

RJ - I work in the water industry, per se.  Wastewater.

So, what I see is this.  A fine stream can become a filthy stream not worthy of being seen with only a very small input from a wastewater discharge.

Let me explain a bit of the business with which I earn a living:  While the philosophy of using the river as part of the treatment process is the american way, it has only succeeded in  taking away from us the pristine streams that made america a beautiful place one time in the past.  There is a proper means of dealing with wastewater.  All that is in wastewater, or at least the part we do not want to handle, i.e. the black water, is a product of the human system and the output from it due to eating.  We eat things produced from the earth.  Back to the earth would add only what was taken away in the first place, minus what our bodies kept, and plus a bit of water to flush it away from our domicile.  The earth and its plants can use the nutrients of treated  wastewater and the earth and its plants can use the water in treated wastewater.

Applying this to fluid church.  It only takes a spark to keep a fire glowing - sounds like a song?  A little leaven leavens the whole lump.  It may not be wise to acknowledge that we are capable of sin, but it is a reality.  This reality is never acknowledged in the Bible - well, if we say we have no sin - that is really quite close, eh?  But the reality of a little leaven in our lives is something we all know without giving testimony to it.

To add to RJ mentions - proverbs speaks of the way of water in its banks.  Pr 21:1 ¶ The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

Well, those are my meanderings to add/dialog with RJ and others...
Dan ChiTown

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