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You make a good point. This move towards complete elimination of any
structure defies many concepts of the church we see in Scripture. Even the
human body as an metaphor of the Body of Christ reveals amazing order,
structure, and connectedness.

The reference in many passages of "edifying" the body or church even comes
from a word relating to the structure of a building or household.

In our reaction of the Institutional structures, I hope we do not err in the
direction of "the path of least resistance." Jesus never promised freedom
from self denial!

Dan B.
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Dear brothers and sisters,

I have not read the "Fluid Church", but can those of you who have tell us
what scriptural basis the author presents for his view? Does his concept of
the "fluid church" come from a solid scriptural foundation ? BTW, who is the
author and publisher?

In scripture the church is spoken of as  God's building,  God's husbandry or
plowed field, God's habitation or house, the temple of God, a body etc.
Each of these scriptural pictures are very instructive relative to the
nature of and  God's purposes for the church.

On the other hand scripture speaks of water as being unstable. Jacob
prophesied concerning his eldest son Reuben, "Unstable as water thou shalt
not excel..."  Gen.49:4

So my question is this: Is the description of the church as "fluid" a true
and accurate description of a church in someone's house, the church of God
in a city, or the church which is Christ's body in the world? If it is, what
lessons can we learn from that picture which will help us to function  as
God intends for His church?

If  the concept that the author portrays of a "fluid church" is NOT a true
representation of God's idea and intention for His church, what false ideas
relative to the church are being introduced by the book by that name?

Your brother in Christ,

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