House Church Talk - report from Venezuela

Vanessa DiDomenico van3hijos at
Mon Mar 22 04:49:01 EST 2004

Hello dear bros and sis,

Here we are in the middle of a political mess... and my prayers for money
to have some cash and do a project of serving Quaker oatmeal as breakfast
to some street kids were answered... by reporters wanting my translations
of our president's speeches (most of which I like, except when he said
some nasty things about Bush - although I agreed it was the truth, he
should not have said that in the middle of street violence).

We even had a bomb threat at my kids's US school that day... and my 9-yr
old was laughing at how 'they just want to scare us'.

BUT the project for the community center has advanced a little, although
just about everything else in 2003 remained stuck in the same place.
Husband still without a job, but has cleaned up the whole place with a
pentecostal minister friend of ours, a friend with whom we partied when we
were 14!! I think the depression he'd fallen into is gone. But he still
refuses to accept politically influenced jobs, won't even go to Cuba for a
training course in social work (which I wanted, but my health makes that
impossible, so I wanted him to go). But we need to help our friend find 25
people to send there for training. THAT is the BEST social work program in
existence on this earth (aside from that which Jesus teaches some of us
without a university)

And the project for the documentary about the children at the landfill is
still going on. I now have several people with experience to participate,
and Sundance Academy was interested - do pray for me.

I am happy to have written to the list. I had been too depressed and sick;
only with gigantic doses of strong drugs was I able to stop the
neverending seizures, and now can WORK!! FOR JESUS!! 

And we are having a little meeting for worship here, in my mother's house,
of ladies who would not go to the warehouse. 

Vanessa from Venezuela

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