House Church Talk - The Passion movie

Vanessa DiDomenico van3hijos at
Mon Mar 22 18:11:12 EST 2004

--- "R.L. Johnson" <rjohnson at> wrote:
> The movie is out on DVD????   Sounds like you got to view a black-market
> version.  

Actually, I would not be surprised. father brought home a bunch of movies,
and I've seen it in over 10 places pirated. This is pirated land, and i've
been studying a book about war, where it clearly shows how ALL modern
commerce was born out of piracy. Even the name 'share' given to NYSE
shares comes from 'sharing' in the cost of sending out a ship to find
goods in any way possible, stealing, attacking, whatever. I rarely watch
movies, and never buy any CDs or anything like that, because I have come
to the point where I think worse of the 'legal' commerce than of what is
today called 'piracy'. 

I don't think God differentiates between the evil of Californication and
Hollywood-hell and anything on the 'black market': they are both just as
evil. And LA and San Francisco even are located in relation to each other
as sodom and Gomorrah, I think. And LOADS of the evil of this world come
from there.

I am a writer myself and care not at all for anything like a 'copyright'.
I would be honoured to have something I made come out on the black market!

But then again, I am just a dumb human with worldly opinions...


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