House Church Talk - mourning in Madrid

Vanessa DiDomenico van3hijos at
Wed Mar 24 05:16:14 EST 2004

This is a little off-topic, but very personal for me. As a child, I was
scared to death of terrorists, and often had horrible seizures while
flying to NYC or Europe, while attacks were being carried out. I have been
totally silent on the list because I had been having 2-6 seizures every
day, of the kind that seem like horror movies - Paul calls them slaps from
satan's messengers in 2 Cor 12.

I have been watching mass in Madrid for the dead at the train bombings.
Why people accept the gigantic spending that building that cathedral must
have cost, I will never understand. What does Jesus think every time
people pray to Him in those places which more remind one of pharaoh's
palaces than the original church He set up? And the immense hypocrisy of
those people, dressed in clothes that must have cost thousands of

But even as I sat there and thought this, I could not help cry. But...
where were the families of the dead??? Left out in the rain?? Inside all
we saw were the princes and kings of here and there. The only one who
seemed to deserve some admiration was a Morrocan prince, standing out
dressed in white among all those in black, and the terrorists having been
from Morroco, he was very brave to be there! I admire him. But as for
everyone else, would it not have been more valuable to, for example,
donate the money they spent on the clothes they used for the families of
the dead??? Why can't people seem to understand these things. makes me
want to dress even worse every day. 

I have prayed lately much to be cured of my own illness, and since I have
had little else to do, have been praying much for both the victims of the
terrorists and the terrorists themselves. I'm not sure who is worse. I'm
not sure either if the terrorists are right in what they want to say, even
if they don't know how to say it. Every day, I am less sure of anything at

All I know, is humans need to stop spending on wars and start spending on
removing the reasons for war. I recently prayed to get jobs as a
translator, since its practically all I can do being sick, and I
immediately got a full time job, right here at home, and compared to what
people make here, it pays a fortune. This weekend I will be spending some
of the money I made yesterday buying Quaker oatmeal and milk to make
breakfast for the children (more like young teens) who sleep on the street
near my warehouse. Soon I hope that will be an everyday program. I am also
joining the international organization food4peace.

I should also say, I have prayed to the Lord to cure me so i can do more,
and He has. I took gigantic doses of a very strong medication, which
didn't even make me sleepy (it makes people fall asleep immediately) and I
have been seizure-free for about 8 days. I also prayed, asking God to show
me if I should go get the surgery in NYC which would even be free, at
Cornell. I prayed while watching heart surgery on TV, and said 'God, show
me some epilepsy surgery someday if You say i should have it' and
in less than 5 minutes, they showed epilepsy surgery for someone with the
same type I have, except that she had bad brain damage because she had
them from infancy nonstop. It seemed to mean 'be thankful that yours isn't
this bad!'

Well, I hope you are all doing well, and that your worship is doing well!

Vanessa from venezuela

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