House Church Talk - Re: Fluid Church

David Anderson david at
Wed Mar 24 13:26:24 EST 2004

     Hi you saints of God, scattered here, there, and everywhere.

I enjoyed your remarks on this subject, particularly those from KY. 
Admittedly we likely wandered from the original poster's intent, but 
that's where the fun is.

Allow me a couple of more meanderings. Water, say they, eventually makes 
its way to the lowest point. If we humble ourselves before the Throne of 
Jehovah, He will exalt us in his time. Even correct views about church do 
not mean that humility will accompany that knowledge. In fact. that 
knowledge could increase pride and render us useless.

I am trying to teach my children that cloudy, rainy days are just as good 
as clear, sunny ones. Life giving rain water - it replenishes the streams 
and rivers. Why should we complain?

     David Anderson

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