House Church Talk - earlier today...

David Anderson david at
Sun Mar 28 14:57:08 EST 2004

    Howdy all,

While traveling on 1-40 near the Gatlinburg area I tuned in a Sunday 
morning broadcast in which "the pastor" was planning regular meetings in 
which several of the young men would be allowed to speak to the entire 

"Good," I thought, recalling 1 Cor. 14:29: Let the prophets speak two or 
three, and let the others judge. 

Seems to  be a step, though small, in the right direction. I hope they'll 
continue to break unscriptural traditions in Tennessee - I'll be doing my 
part, of course. And maybe the meetings will become much more 
interesting, too.

on the road, thinking of you, rejoicing in the truth wheresoever I find 

     David Anderson

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