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Scott Dowlen scottdowlen at
Tue Mar 30 09:43:31 EST 2004

Jeanne / Keith,

I live in the West Texas area (Midland, to be exact).  I'd love to meet you
if you have to pass anywhere nearby.  Please feel free to email me privately
to discuss the possibility --- scott (@) dowlen (.) net

Yours in Christ,


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> Hi folks after nearly two
> months of concerntrated ministry here in Southern Colorado,
> which has seen,
> new
> House Churches, Healing Communities and a month long
> Counselling Course as
> well
> many ministry opportunities. We shall after Easter, be
> setting off for a
> month
> long tour of the Southern States (Do I hear Dixey playing?).
> We currently have invitations in Texas, Missouri and Florida,
> but have to
> pass a whole lot of ground to get there from here. We would
> love to drop in
> on
> you and meet with the church in your house / area. In
> Colorado we have had
> some
> tremndous meetings and some awesome healings including of a
> 60+ year old
> lady,
> who was healed of an allergy in her eyes that she has
> suffered since the age
> of
> 9. causing her pain and suffering every Spring and Summer. I
> have mostly
> been
> speaking about Healing Communities and House Churches, but
> also share a
> particular prophetic word that the Lord has impressed upon me
> at this time.
> So
> if you (or anyone you know) lives in the States mentioned above or New
> Mexico,
> Louisiana, Missisippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas,
> Oklahoma or
> Kansas, that we have to pass through either cominig or going,
> please get in
> touch, we have to be back here in Colorado for the Outreach Fellowship
> International Conference at the end of May, so our visits
> will be between
> Mid
> April and the end of May.
> You can write me at this e.mail address or phone me on 719 - 671 1571
> Every Blessing from your brother in Christ,
> Keith Smith
> (the above website will come on line later this week until
> then you can
> find us on
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