House Church Talk - Growing Pains

David Anderson david at
Tue Mar 30 20:12:01 EST 2004

>We have had families join us that one or the other of us has known for a
>long time and so our fellowship is growing (60+ when you count children)
>to the point where now some of our homes are too small to hold everyone
>in the same room, so people are having trouble hearing what is shared
>and are starting to wonder what we should do? No one wants to buy/rent a
>building but splitting up would seem almost like a divorce. So my second
>question is.

   Hi there SeanK,

Welcome to this list, brother. Wish we could read posts like yours 
everyday. Growth among home churches seems to be rather flat in many 
localities - even nonexistent.

In our part of the South, denominationalism has got a real strong-hold. 
Seems if somebody get tuned in to house church, then the spouse or kids 
reject it.

Our own group reached about 35 but has been shrinking ever since. We have 
lost people to Iraq, divorce, and disinterest. Fortunately none have left 
angry and all the departees know they are welcome back.

I doubt that I have the answers to your questions but it would seem that 
if the numbers are in the 60's then there would be proportionately less 
time to share. Parking can also become a prob, I would suppose.

Warm weather is about here so outdoor meetings might be in order. Find, 
perhaps, a park which has a shelter and restrooms.

Keep us posted of this wonderful work in your midst. 

    David Anderson

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