House Church Talk - women relieved from active duty

David Anderson david at
Sat May 1 13:45:32 EDT 2004

    Hi readers and writers,

Spring is overwhelming us. I am taking about a week or two off from email 
and the internet. Sorry if I have not gotten to yours. We are having 
graduations to attend, home-schooling to wrap up, vegetables to plant, 
things to clean, things to dump, company to entertain, cars to repair, 
tennis balls to hit, etc.

Congratulations, I say, and thanks to those who participated in the 
women's silence debate in a respectful and informative manner. Over the 
years I have seen a number of these conversations turn ugly. Continue to 
be open-minded about the matter regardless of where you stand. If you 
feel you have compelling evidence of any kind, please bring it forward. I 
think that all of us are aware that the arguments on both sides are not 
silly ones.

The stakes are high, dear friend. If women are to be silenced in terms of 
prophesy, teaching, and evangelism, God's army has been effectively 
reduced by more than half on those fronts. And, if only homeschoolers 
and/or their dads are permitted into leadership roles, then, all but a 
microscopic number of "leaders" are left standing. 

I hope the church can figure this one out as time goes on. If it is the 
Spirit who ultimately illuminates, let us appeal to Him and be patient 
with one another!

Jonathan Lindvall, feel free to clarify your position in the course of 
time. I can certainly vouch for your excellent character, by the way.

Z F, a man who has made dozens of trips to China, explained to me that 
young women were the most effective evangelists in that vast land. The 
Communists did not want to hurt their image by arresting them. 

    David Anderson

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