House Church Talk - Is Jesus qualified for leadership?

Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Mon May 3 11:27:56 EDT 2004

These days... no body would hire him as a Head Pastor...
Even though he IS the Chief Shepherd!

(which you can translate HEAD PASTOR!)

On 5/3/04 10:10 AM, "Claire Bennett" <clairebnntt at> wrote:

> Did he rule his household well?  With the father of the family dead, shouldn't
> Jesus, as the oldest brother have stayed home to provide financially for the
> family and also provide spiritual guidance and direction for the younger
> siblings?  Shouldn't he have cared for his widowed mother?
> No, he took off to roam the land - and I bet he didn't even send home a
> paycheck.  He called all his followers his brothers, sisters and mothers.
> He didn't handle the ministry finances too well either.  He allowed the
> treasurer to dip into the cookie jar.  That sounds like poor financial
> management, as well as poor personnel screening techniques.

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