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Tue May 4 14:47:39 EDT 2004

Another two cents off the subject of woman concerning this last quote again
on the female apostle Maximilla.

On page 346, note 79,  "Eusebius expressly asserts that it was the Spirit
who spoke through Maximilla (female prophet) here; that this passage is
therefore not a record of Maximilla speaking for or about herself, but the
Spirit speaking through her".  Note 83-86,  "In a person gripped by the Holy
Spirit, God himself speaks and acts...the Spirit itself...had "entered" into
their prophets and the same way as he spoke through the
prophets of the Old Testament".  These last quotes bring up another very
interesting point for us to consider.

Are we with the camp that declares there are no more prophets and apostles
today?  If we hold this view, do we extend it also to the other functioning
such as, evangelist, shepherds and teachers, etc. mentioned in the same
verses, were it says God has placed and God has appointed some as.  Consider
this, did not Christ say we would be sent the Holy Spirit.  That this Spirit
would teach us all things (One would be our teacher) and remind us of all
things.  Are we not sent ones, sent only by the Spirit of God.  Are we not
to be lead by the Holy Spirit?  Are we not much more to be saved in His
Life?  Are we not being transformed by beholding Him, transformed by the
Lord Spirit.  Is it not those that are lead by the Spirit, that are the
son's of God?  If we are in the camp that denies the Spirit, denies being
lead by the Spirit, denies receiving revelation and teaching by the Spirit.
Then is it possible that we may also be replacing the Living God, which is
Spirit, with something else.  Is it then that this something else, could
even be something from God, something that was given by God, and holy too.
Something that is a little bit like the Law in this one respect, i.e. it was
from God as a child conductor, to preserve us, to reveal our sin, our
lawlessness, our own lack of ability, and to point us to God.  If we are
denying prophecy, leading, and teaching by the Spirit today, is it possible
we are denying the Living God today?  We recall the scriptures saying "hear
My voice while it is still called today".  Is it possible that today, we are
again replacing Christ, the Life giving Spirit, with something good, and of
God.  Replacing hearing the voice of the Living God.  If this is possible,
then would that not be something of the Anti-Christ?  After all is not
something that replaces Christ, as the Spirit of Jesus Christ actively
dwelling in us and leading us, actually not a replacement for Christ?  If
this is possible would it be of the Anti-Christ, a deception, a lie,
something orchestrated by the Spirit of the Anti-Christ to replace Christ in
our daily life.  Could we be a little bit like the Pharisees were, who did
not see the Living God, Jesus the Christ, did not hear His voice when it
spoke.  The Pharisees had a complete and closer knowledge of the scripture
then I would wage we have today.  The scriptures say they had the oracles of
God, and were the experts in the Law, yet they had something that prevented
them from hearing the voice of the Living God.  The Old Testament tells us
that even way back then, after God had recovered His people from Egypt, that
they rejected wanting to hear His voice.  Jesus said to the Pharisees "you
search the scriptures because in them you think you have life, but you won't
come to me", and later He said "I am the Life".  Is He not to be our Life
today?  Is He not the Life giving Spirit today?  Were not the Old Testament
saints saved by Faith?  Is not Faith called the Spirit of Faith in the New
Testament? And, is not "were saved by Faith" concerning the Old Testament
saints, not the same Faith we are to be saved by?  Does the scriptures not
say "let Faith have it's works?  Are we not to walk in newness of Life?  To
be much more saved in His Life.  Are we not suppose to follow Him daily,
deny the self, take up the cross?  If we are to follow Him daily, if He is
the Life giving Spirit, If we are to be lead by the Spirit, well are these
our reality, or just big "if's" we don't understand.  So because we don't
understand, we don't see this in our daily experience, we use the mind to
interpret the scriptures, say there are no more prophets and apostles, no
more revelation from God, no more speaking today by God to us.  We have the
scripture and that's all we need or are going to get from God until He
returns.  Is it possible that Christ has already returned, that like the
Pharisees we are missing Him, that Christ has returned again in the flesh,
that we can enter the Kingdom of God today?  We see the facts in the
scriptures we are told that we are sent the Holy Spirit, that we are to be
lead by the Spirit, that we have come to Mount Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem,
our mother, that we are seated with Him, but are we seeing these facts in
our daily experience or reality.  In the apostle John's day there were
already many Anti-Christs, they were characterized by those false apostles
and teachers that denied Christ come in the flesh.  Is it possible that,
those of the camp, that teach we have no more prophets, no direct teaching
by Christ today, allot of times they say it's all contained in the
scripture, thats all we need today, that's what we need to practice.  When
you question them about what works of power, healings, miracles, words of
knowledge, and prophecies, they have received from the Lord today, they are
at a loss, they try to convince you there is nothing further then what is
found in the scripture, they tell you God's not doing that today, we have no
more need of that, we have the scriptural example only, the others are
false.  Yes, we would agree there are allot of false ones.  But, do these of
that camp, sound a little bit like the Pharisees of Jesus' time.  They say
practice the word, they are talking about the written word of course.  They
don't consider that when Paul and the others were writing us letters,
inwhich they told us about this Word, the Living Word, that became flesh and
dwelt among us, that this Word they were talking to us about in their
letters, was not actually the letters themselves, but to many today of
course the Word is those letters, there's not any other Word to us today.
Jesus said about these ones, you are white washed tombs, that looked good on
the outside, but only have dead mans bones inside you, you don't have Life,
He said I am the Life.  Do you think possibly that to deny Christ come in
the flesh, is not the apostle John, referring to the Lord coming in the
flesh during His earthly ministry of 33 years, but could it be John was
referring to denying Christ come in the flesh as the Holy Spirit, in his
time and our time today.  Well, we are certainly in the last days, the
apostle John was in the last days, there were certainly many false apostles
and teachers in John's day.  There are certainly many in our day, not to
mention the religious system of John's day, and the one we have today, that
prevents members of the body from having an organic union with the Lord
Spirit today, and that Spirit from functioning in each member today, instead
of just a few elite members who do all the priestly duties for us, and most
of which are of the camp I am talking about.  This prevents all the members
individually them from being lead by the Spirit, transformed by beholding
the Spirit, being much more saved in His Life today, and hearing the voice
of the Living God today, so that God may have what He has always wanted,
that is His image in man (male and female), His expression on earth, His
glory in the church, all of His enemies placed under His feet, all rule and
authority subdued and place under Him.  Instead this camp sets up another
priesthood between God and the members of the body.  We saw this established
in the Old Testament before, and in Jesus' day when the people rejected
hearing from God.  But, just as in the New Testament in Revelations God's
heart desire has always been to build a nation of priests, we are all to be
priests, and the only mediator between man and God is God Himself.  Priest
are all for priestly duty.  Well, if am not just crazy and some of this is
possible, then the answer would be found in Jesus' and Paul's words in the
scriptures, which Christ said are to point us to Him again, and not to
replace Him as Life.  He said "hear my voice while it is still called
today", He said it in the Old and New Testament, and He is saying it today.
He said "come to me that you may have Life", "seek and you will find", "walk
in newness of Life", "be transformed by beholding the glory of the Lord",
"be much more saved in His Life", "follow me daily", "One will be your
teacher".  Well, we must all examine ourselves, examine our walk with the
Lord, examine our experience and reality, and compare it to the scriptures
which point us to Him, and discern for ourselves.  Many are called, few are
chosen and faithful.

May the Spirit of Faith be with us all,


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