House Church Talk - darkness, light and elitism

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Fri May 7 23:56:18 EDT 2004

Am I misunderstanding, or is JL stating that we, who do not hold to his views, are in darkness and he is seeking to bring us into the light?  JL, if you have visited many types of house churches, do you believe that they are operating in an ungodly manner?

There is so much elitism among Christians.  The idea that we need to compete with the world on the world's terms and beat them at their own game has no biblical basis.  I homeschool one of my children, and elitism is rampant in the homeschool community.  I would think we would do everything we can not to encourage it.  

David, your post concerning the unfit status of the biblical Patriarchs makes sense.  Maybe the Lord chooses to use those who would never be considered worthy.  I would never have picked the people the Lord picked to do his work, but, God didn't ask my opinion :)  Moses was divorced and remarried.  Isaac didn't do too good a job at managing sibling rivalry; Abraham was henpecked, Jacob's sons attempted murder; even the prophet Samuel and King David had some rotten kids.  Noah and Lot, well, we won't even go there.  I feel like a better parent already.

There was a question I asked that was not answered.  Is it true that those of you who believe women should be silent in the church refuse to fellowship with us on lists like this one because women are participating?  Are women from these groups forbidden to participate on these sorts of lists or discussion boards, kept from where they could encounter something contrary to what this theology?

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