House Church Talk - Re: Questions concerning leadership

DanG flash at
Sun May 9 16:02:07 EDT 2004

> There seems to be little consensus concerning this subject, as far as home
> church discussions go. Maybe I could take a  mini survey here and find if
> any of you can relate to my understanding.
> When I first found literature relating to the direction we found the Lord
> taking us, I heard a lot about "leaderless churches." Also, on the
> I found an abundance of anti-leadership sentiment in the various
> conversations. In the end, I saw that the anti-leadership camp was really
> trying to control/lead the rest of us!

I will be interested in seeing other input on this.  Thank you DanB and
Scott for expressing ideas on this mini survey.

Here is my position.  We meet as a family, so essentially, the family
structure of leadership is the structure of the meeting.  Perhaps that is
not legitimately a church much less a homechurch.  I really cannot address
the issue of leadership within a traditional many family church setting - I
have no examples.  What I presume, is that God will lead when/if we are in a
situation such as that in the future.

DanG ChicagoArea

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