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Mon May 10 06:31:26 EDT 2004

Hi Glenn,

Thank you very much for your "rabbit trail" on Matt.18:20!  You have 
reminded us of the context of that statement, and rightly so. It does have 
to do with "church discipline" and reconciliation.

But there are many other commands and instructions of the Lord Jesus which 
we are to obey "in His name".  We are to pray in His name, give cups of cold 
water in His name, we are to baptize disciples in His name, reveive little 
children in His name, cast out demons in His name,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In short, I believe that to do anything ":in His name" is to do it in 
obedience to His command or instruction, in other words, with His authority.

So, whenever 2 or more believers come together to obey the Lord in anything 
He has commanded them to do, do you not think that His promise to be there 
in their midst is a very real promise?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Your brother in Christ,

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>Subject: House Church Talk -  Re: Two or three gathered
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>Just as a side comment...
>I would like to says something about Mathew 18:20 and how is is often used.
>Often I hear this verse quoted... "For where two or three come together in
>my name, there am I with them."
>It seems that every time I hear this verse quoted by someone, it is being
>used to try and say something almost mystical about when Christians gather
>that there in that place exists some incarnation of the church and Christ
>magically appears and it is like a 'church meeting'... Or something like
>that. It almost seems that house church people like to use this to justify
>small gatherings (which don't need justifying... Small gatherings of
>Christians are totally legitimate forms of fellowship and worship). And IC
>church people like to use this verse to justify that Christ is there with
>them even if them to pray for something (as if a bigger more official
>gathering had more power in prayer to God).
>But I think both of these uses of the verse are out of context...
>If one examines the context of this verse they will see is is not in the
>context of a "church gathering" or even a "fellowship" of friends... nor in
>some description of a 'house church' or prayer meeting of two or three.
>It is mentioned at the end of a section where the context is that of
>resolving sin and conflict among brothers -- how to deal with each other,
>how to handle forgiveness and Christian relationships, how to handle 
>discipline' if you will.
>Verse 20 in this context is saying that when two brothers resolve
>differences and agree together... THERE... God is in the midst of that!
>God desires that we rightly handle our disagreements and RESOLVE them 
>than separate over them. There in he midst of two or three who have 
>each other and resolved conflict do we see God working.
>Sorry for the rabbit trail... Or the soap box speech... But I just had to
>mention that since I hear it mentioned all the time.
>Glenn Frank
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