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jim pierceall jpierceall at
Mon May 10 08:48:20 EDT 2004

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From: "Bruce Woodford" >
> Yet leaders are still very necessary and they NEED TO LEAD!  Not by
> down the law" or demanding that others "follow me", but by setting a godly
> example and teaching what God has placed on their hearts and taught them.

Hi Bruce -  Yes - no - maybe!

We need to follow Jesus!  Stop looking for leaders - look for good
followers.  Upon the determination that you have meet a good follower, you
will pr'bly find that you have one that "teaches" by example...

This may only be for a season...  and trusting Him, to introduce us to other
good followers - we become a company of good followers...  I would then
suspect we would be surrounded by experiential teachers, and fewer
theorists...  This is the safeguard to insure we know the difference in
those that say, but do not do...

JimP - kentucky

The Lord is my Shepherd - I shall not want - He leads and guides me..  He is
my Source of All provisions I have need of - now and forever...  To see
Christ Jesus as Head, in the midst of His Body, I am made wealthier in every
step I take...

Lead on Good Rabbi - You that have gone before us - allow and enable for us
to become good followers - pleasing walkers in Your sight...

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