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Dan Beaty dlbeaty at
Mon May 10 22:53:35 EDT 2004


Thanks for the response. This part of your post really warmed my heart:

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From: "Scott Dowlen" <scottdowlen at>
> The group with which I fellowship has a man whose heart is 100% filled by
> God to be a pastor. He used to think this meant professional ministerial
> position in a conventional 'church', but now realizes that his gift makes
> him a servant of the body. He also knows that there are times that the
> will serve him, too, in a spirit-led reciprocating arrangement. It's
> how we can't always define who the 'servants' and 'leaders' are because
> service and leadership work their way in all of us at different times at
> leading of the sweet Holy Spirit.

It is easy today to complain about "hirelings" and those "who love to be
first" in the church today. Your post encouraged me first because it affirms
my belief that there are genuine pastors out there, and secondly that you
saw the work of God on this mans heart.

Dan B.

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