House Church Talk - Re: Annotated Bible Recommendation

Bruce Woodford bwood4d at
Wed May 12 23:07:28 EDT 2004

Sean, Raymond and Dan G,

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments you all have expressed and am 
amazed to find so many here who have done what I did a few years ago 
(dispensed with most of my library of commentaries etc) and basicly use a 
Strong's Concordance, Vine's Newt testament Word Studies and Zodhiates's 
"Complete Word Study New (and Old) Testament".

I do not use any of them as a Bible Dictionary as I have found numerous 
errors in them in that regard. I use them primarily as means of tracking 
down how Hebrew or Greek words are used by the Holy Spirit IN SCRIPTURE 
ITSELF. Scripture and the Holy Spirit's use of words are the very best means 
of determining how words are used and what they mean in scripture.

Your brother in Christ,

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