House Church Talk - speaking

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Wed May 12 23:39:25 EDT 2004

This is in response to Glenn since I get this in digest form.  For a woman, it would be no different for a woman to sit in an IC and listen to one man talk, than to sit in an hc and listen to many men talk.  So, for the woman, she reaps none of the benefits of the hc, which, number one for me is relational Christianity.  At least in IC's women are allowed to participate in bible studies and small groups.  I think it is far worse.  It is one thing to listen to someone give a speech, where everyone else is listening.  It is quite another to listen to men relate to one another, minister, have discussions, etc. and not be able to partiicpate.  

Someone suggested that a silent woman could benefit from learning from the ministry of the men.  If I want to learn passively, I can read a book, listen to a teaching on the internet, etc.  The purpose of going to a meeting is to interact.  

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