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Thu May 13 08:51:15 EDT 2004


    David A - Prince Among Them...

But I am always reminded of your name, when I read of all "D' Avid
believers", those of faith and action...  (de' avid) O;>)

I always enjoy your insights along w/ serious scholarships...  so "shock and
surprise" that you would see Ezek 34 as being cryptic...

I would have thought this as example of cryptic  Isa 11:6
        And a little child shall lead them.

Don't know what wording I used to leave the impression, Jesus only
leadership...?  <<"Just Jesus" theory of leadership >>

But correcting any false impression, by mischaracterization - let me term it
"Jesus first leadership - the First, the Last, the Always...  He is our
Father's perfect expression/example of what "servant-leadership" should
appear as.

After-all, this conversation was directed towards "servant leadership" vs
the world's "overlord leaderships"...

DanB originally offered:
        <<<< I heard a lot about "leaderless> churches.">>

I chuckled at his observation.. and offered in return something "I thought"
would meet w/ mutual approval:
        <<We might see a leaderless church - but I am certain we wouldn't
confuse it, as being His church... O;>)>>

It would be a mischaracterization to suggest, that statement, or any other I
made, was in agreement that Christ doesn't supply leadership to His people -
His church...  Because clearly He did and does...  So I now find myself in a
strange position to defend against something I never said, nor intended to

"..."Leaderless Church" is incongruous and contradictions of combined
wording - when speaking of Christ's Church...  That is an "oxymoron" !!!

"Leaderless Church" is lacking in scriptural harmony, inconsistent w/ reason
as you well pointed out, inappropriate of basic understanding "Christianity
#101"...  AND, incompatible w/ my experience

Now "talkers" - is there any serious question to what my position or thought
might be?  O;>)


But it remains my contention - With the change of one single word - I am in
agreement w/ DanB -:

> <<><   So, my thinking is that we should be praying for the Lord to
 chastise, mold, shape and raise up more effective <walkers> in the Church
who can exemplify
 His life before us. AND, then we should hope and pray that His people
 would be wise enough to appreciate what He has provided for our benefit, by
 following their examples of servanthood.  ><>>

Notice that DanB points to "servanthood", under the "leadership subject
header"?  I thought that "genuine"...

I wouldn't be a bit surprised - that as we fix our focus of affections on
Jesus - that from those, leaders might be determined???

What do you all suppose?

Thank you for the opportunity to qualify and tweak my thoughts, as we
refocus our mutual affections back towards Him...

JimP - kentucky

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