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Fri May 14 19:14:12 EDT 2004

Hi Tim,

In respojnse to Glenn's question relative to your evaluation of women's 
silence,  required by I Cor 14, as "a terrible and unnecessary form of 
bondage", you wrote: "Galations 3:28 There is not Male or Female, For you 
are ALL ONE in Christ. Is this in practice or is this just a theory? "

Dear brother, Gal.3:28 cannot mean that Christian men cease to be males or 
that Christian women cease to be females! Nor does it mean that Christian 
men and women have identical roles and responsibilities!  The same passage 
also says there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free...for ye are all one 
in Christ Jesus."   Christian Jews and Greeks do not lose their national 
distinctions or heritage, nor were slaves automatically granted freedom from 
slavery, nor did free men lose their freedom!!!

The point of this whole passage is that being Jewish, being male, or being a 
free man did not give anyone an advantage in their relationship with Christ 
over anyone else who was a Greek, a female or a slave! All  believers, 
regardless of nationality, gender or social status, are made children of 
God. They are all blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in 
Christ. They all have access to and enter into the holiest of all and draw 
near to God. None are second or third class Christians!  So yes, Galatians 
3:28 is not just theory, it is very practical and very precious!

However, Christians who are Jews and Greeks have different responsibilities 
as they relate to one another in Christ!  Bondmen and freemen have different 
responsibilities as they relate to one another in Christ, and males and 
females have different responsibilities as they relate to one another in 
Christ! For example: Just as God is the head of Christ, and Christ is the 
head of man, so too man is the head of the woman. (I Cor.11)  Christian 
husbands and wives have different responsibilities because of God designed 
differences between them. (I Cor.11 and Ephesians 5)   That men should be 
the speakers and women should be silent when the whole church in a city 
comes together into one place, IS NOT THE IDEA OF SOME MALE CHAUVINIST, BUT 
IT IS THE COMMANDMENT OF THE LORD! Please remember that none of His 
comandments are grievous!  (I John 5:3)  Also, one's love for God is always 
tested and demonstrated by whether or not that one is obedient to the Lord's 
commands! (I John 5:2)

You also wrote:"1Cor.14:34 says" Women be silent as the LAW says." Have you 
noticed any laws in our culture that demands this? I see many that find it 
difficult to balance cultural practices with the life of the Spirit. John 
16:13 Says "The Spirit will guide you into all truth." If your view of the 
bible is to be just a book of rules, then you are in violation and guilty of 
the whole thing."

Tim, I Cor.14:34 says no such thing!!  It says they are to be under 
obedience (in subjection or submissive to those whom God has ordered to be 
head) as also saith the law.  "The law" is NOT the cultuarally variable "law 
of the land" in which one may live! It is the scriptures, the law of the 
Lord!  The same word translated "be under obedience" in I Cor 14:34 is used 
in Romans 13:1and 5 and Titus 3:1 where we are all commanded to be "subject 
to" and to "obey" the higher powers which are ordained of God.  It is used 
in I Cor 14:32 where the spirits of the prophets are "subject to" the 
prophets.  It is used in I Cor.15:27 and 28 of God "putting under" and 
"subduing" all things in relation to Christ.   In I Cor.16:16 it is used as 
the saints at Corinth were commanded by Paul to "submit to" such as the 
household of Stephanus who had given themselves to the ministry of the 
saints.  In Ephesians 5:1and I Peter 5:5 it is used in the command to all 
believers to "submit ourselves to"  and be "subject to" one another in the 
fear of God. In Ephesians 5:22, Colossians 3:18, Titus 2:5 and I Peter 3:1 
it is used as wives are instructed to "submit themselves unto" and be 
"obedient to" and "be sin subjection to"  their own husbands.  In Ephesians 
5:24, it is used of the church being "subject to" Christ.  In I Peter 2:18, 
it is used of servants "being subject to" their own masters.  In I Peter 
5:5, the younger ones are commanded to "submit themselves unto" the elder 
ones.  Such submission in the above mentioned relationships has nothing to 
do with cultural norms but rather with obedience to God's word!   It is by 
such  inspired commands and instructions that the Holy Spirit has determined 
to lead us into all truth! Those who choose to be lead by the Spirit, in 
obedience to His Word are those who stand fast in liberty and are NOT under 
the law!  But those who choose to rebel against the Holy Spirit's inspired 
instructions can never rightly claim to be walking in the Spirit!

Dear brother, it seems you also misquoted Galatians 5:1 when you wrote:"Gal. 
5:1 warns not to allow yourselves to be burdened again by external bondage."

Many Christians have been deceived to think that liberty in Christ has 
nothing to do with one's "external behaviour"!  They think that if you are 
right with God and free "in the Spirit", external behaviour does not 
matter!!  Such is a lie from the pit of hell!   The Lord Jesus clearly 
taught that what comes out and is observable in one's behaviour is the true 
test of what is truly in their hearts! (Matt.12:34)  The apostle Paul 
clearly taught that a renewed mind will determine the use of one's body! 
(Romans 12:1,2)  So true liberty (the ability to be and do what God intends, 
Gal.5:1) very definitely affects one's behaviour and is evidenced by 
obedience to God and His word!  So too, those who are in bondage (unable to 
be and do what God intends) will also demonstrate that bondage by their 
disobedience to God and His word.  The liberty that the Spirit gives to the 
new covenant believer is NOT FREEDOM TO LIVE IN DISREGARD TO GOD'S 

Your brother in Christ,

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