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Greeting Saints,

I sure appreciate the heart that I hear in the post below.  As I have been
reading the postings over the past few weeks, I have seen a number of posts
that I thought the Lord might be prompting me to reply to.  This particular
post below made my heart leap and I believe it is the prompting of the Lord
for me to post to the list today.

I want to post a testimony (letter of commendation) on behalf of Jonathan
Lindvall.  I have known him for many years.  My family and I live about a
mile from him and his family.  I see Jonathan daily.  We walk together with
a number of saints that live in the community here in Springville (Currently
10 families).  I want to testify before all of you saints that this brother
is a faithful, servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He loves the Lord with all
of his heart.  His passion for the the Lord's bride is incredible.  His wife
and children are faithful in the Lord.  They all serve among the saints here
with outstanding character and sacrifice.  Although Jonathan possesses very
little material wealth, he and his family are extremely generous.

If any of you were to visit among us, you would have a very difficult time
identifying Jonathan.  He does not lord over any of the saints here.  We
truly walk in a plurality of elders that sees the brethren as brethren
serving and following the voice of the chief shepard HIMSELF JESUS CHRIST.
The elders here serve as godly examples of lives pleasing to the Lord.

The saints here are not burdened with legalism.  Their are many obvious
diversities among us that any and all visitors are able to percieve quickly.
We walk in different understandings of: aspects of the Lord's Supper, head
coverings, the doctrines of grace, etc, etc, etc.  The saints here love the
Lord individually and corporately.  Most of the saints among us here are in
one another's homes daily.  We are exhorting one another day to day as we
walk together daily.  That is one of the reasons why a weekly gathering that
the sisters remain silent in, is not a stifiling at all.  Because the
sisters are constantly exercizing their gifts here, we are all mutually
edified in our walks together around the Lord.

Anyway, I believe that the Lord has lead me to post this as an open
testimony from another brother here among the saints in Springville.  May
the Lord continue to grow us all as we seek HIS kingdom and all that HE
desires.  I must run for now...

Blessings in Him our Mighty, Glorious, Gracious, Awesome, King of kings, and
Lord of lords Jesus

Blessings again,
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> Hey Everyone! God bless you!
> Why is it that sincere believers hotly disagree? We live in a fallen
> world, eh? All of us are groping for a God whose heart and mind are much
> bigger than ours. It's a great opportunity to exercise genuine love, the
> most important thing.
> The bottom line isn't how well can you intellectually prove your
> conviction from your ability to weave Bible verses together. We sometimes
> hold tenaciously to many of our convictions out of fear of experiencing
> wrong consequences. But sometimes doctrinal error isn't as serious as
> wrong attitudes.
> The real bottom line is, does it work in everyday life and produce the
> character of Christ in our secret thoughts, family life, and business
> dealings?
> Amen?
> My $.02
> Running to Him,
> Phillip & Mary Cohen
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> God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5


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