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Sat May 15 21:35:07 EDT 2004

Bruce Woodford wrote to Travis:
> ...I guess, in short, I am asking do you and the others with
whom you gather determine what is a whole church gathering and what is
not?  Is this determination the basis on which you determine when the
sisters are to be silent?

Hello Bruce--
I thought I'd jot you a brief note upon reading through your post.  I've
been reflecting upon Phillip's comment concerning sincerity today, and
thought of asking you whether you have ever been a part of a city-wide
church gathering in which the females of your family remained silent.  Of
course I'm glad to hear of your desire for the sisters to remain silent
in church meetings at all--as so many are strongly resistant to this
simple form of obedience in ANY context.  

Lord willing, I'll hope to respond at some point to your various
questions and objections which you have left for me, but at first glance
the issue seems to be one of your calling certain times that saints are
together (e.g., Titus 2 feminine discipleship) as being "in church" when
the word of God does not.

You seem to be a careful student of the word of God, and have time to
write, and so I might ask you to compose an exhaustive list of the "in
church" passages of the NT.  I find very few which are explicitly
indicated as such, and it seems that you would identify these passages
much more loosely.  I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts, and it
might be a means by which we begin to "say the same thing" in the Lord.

Grace in Christ,

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