House Church Talk - Questions concerning leadership

Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Sat May 15 20:27:18 EDT 2004

Thanks Dan... 

Yes, it does seem like your experience is like mine. When we left the ic
church (which had been practicing plural leadership but then reverted to the
One Head pastor model), for the first few months we got together as a house
church we all were still trying to figure out what form our gatherings would

I was used to leading and teaching... Two others were used to leading in
musical instruments and singing... Others were used to sitting and only
listening,  And so it think there is and was a tendency to not 'take
control' or lead things like we used to... For the sake of letting all
participate and provide something of their giftings to the group.

But I wonder whether we are suppressing the spirit or the flesh when we know
we are called to function in a certain gifting but do not jump in with it at
first because we don't want to come off as 'hogging the meeting' or 'taking
over' or something.

I know from experience that I can be a reluctant leader... I really would
not want to be 'in the spotlight' directing questions and leading people
through a study. Because my heart really desires to see others step out,
learn to lead and function in their gifts and let me just contribute as much
as they do (allow the others to be challenged to lead out in their gifts)
but then after a while of others not taking that step... I feel obligated to
'get the ball rolling' as it were... Thinking 'maybe I should just lead and
stop worrying about it... And after push starting the group in a direction,
often I wonder if I did too much and actually weakened others because I
'came to the rescue' and did not let them learn to walk their gifts out

So.. .I guess I need to just wait on the Lord and see where He leads our
house church group. I try not to let my internal questions about this
outpace the Lords timing... But often I wonder if I am ahead of Him or
lagging behind!

On 5/15/04 7:12 PM, "Dan Beaty" <dlbeaty at> wrote:

> Your experience was similar to ours. Our previous church believed in plural
> eldership for a while, but eventually drifted back towards the one man
> pastor concept. We also then went to the other extreme in our HC meetings
> for a while. We needed to sort of regroup, especially those of us who
> formerly "led worship," or in teaching.
> By simply coming together and waiting on the Lord, some of us restaining
> ourselves a bit, we learned and continue to learn how to relate to the Lord
> and one another in a way that hopefully pleases Him.
> There have been times when the reluctance to lead has been a handicap, IMO.
> While all are responsible to the Lord in exercising their gifts, that does
> not do away with leaders.  I cannot give a formulae, I do believe that when
> the leadership is functioning properly, our freedom in the Spirit will not
> be hampered but increased.
> Dan B.

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