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Greetings Claire,

I can assure you that the saints here in Springville are not trading
compliance for genuine love.  There is a genuine love here that is around
Jesus not issues/doctrines.  As for the issue of condescending attitudes,
AMEN, the Lord is not pleased with attitudes where we prefer ourselves (or
our positions) above one another.  I do believe that the saints here in
Springville have (and are) tasting something together that is pleasing to
the Lord.  (1 Thes 4:1-2 Finally then, brethren, we urge and exhort in the
Lord Jesus that you should abound more and more, just as you received from
us how you ought to walk and to please God;  for you know what commandments
we gave you through the Lord Jesus. )

Concerning the issue of "imposing the practice on all house churches," I do not
believe that the Lord has called me (or any of the saints here) to impose
anything on anyone.  We merely share the things that the Lord appears to
have revealed in HIS Scripture.  There are clearly patterns that were
recorded in the Scripture for us to follow.  How many of us have perfectly
clear understanding in all things revealed in the Scripture?  There are many
times that we adjust our understanding as we search the Scriptures and the
Lord reveals new understanding to us.  Many saints understand many of the
Scriptural patterns to mean different practices.  As we understand these
patterns, believers do share these things one with another.  Much like what
happens in a discussion group like this.

Please understand, I am not saying that we are neglectful of the Scriptural
understandings/implications that the Lord has deposited among us
individually or corporately.  We do discuss differing understandings, but we
realize the Lord is the one that directs us.  We are submitting to HIM,
being lead by HIS Spirit, and following the Scriptures as we best understand

Overall, it is almost impossible for me to write out the exact context in
which all of the saints here function together.  If you would like to come
and see the context, our hearts are wide open.

Blessings in Him,


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> I have some questions here for Travis or anyone else:
> What is meant by diversity?  It would seem the diversity does not include
differing views on women's role - I would assume anyone who disagreed on
that would be free to fellowship elsewhere.  Is the diversity laced with
elitism?  For example - one person wears a head covering, one doesn't.  Is
this viewed as a difference of opinion and interpretation, or is it viewed,
as other issues are, as one person simply doesn't have the light you do?
Are you saying women are allowed to participate and use their gifts as long
as you don't call the time together a formal "meeting?"  Diversity IMHO does
not come with a condescending attitude.
> I've been in places where a great deal of love and support is given in
return for compliance.  The compromises are small in return for what is
received.  Its just that the this sort of love is not love in my book; it is
behavior modification.  I would assume the "sisters" wouldn't even think to
question the decisions of the menfolk, that would not be submissive.
> I never received an answer as to whether those within these sorts of
groups believe it is God's will that they impose this practice on all house churches.
> As an aside, I had the priviledge of hearing Corrie ten Boom speak many
years ago.  Would you say she lacked the light that you walk in because
traveled the world speaking to millions rather than remaining silent as a
proper woman should?  Would you have gone to hear her speak?

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