House Church Talk - Re: As Homechurchers - How Do You Handle the Funerals ?

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Fri May 21 13:33:13 EDT 2004

> Bob requested an informal "family atmosphere"  graveside gathering (no
> service as such) - a "no suit good bye" for a "no suit" brother.. <smile>  A
> few words may be exchanged, encouragements given, as friends are led...
> Melly asked I facilitate/make easy the encouragement that any might speak,
> sign song, read a verse, pray, as the Holy Spirit might lead...  I told her,
> I suspected I would NOT be needed...  We have done it this way for so long,
> today will be but an extension of that way...  and we need not take much
> forethought for what we shall say...
> All of the families needs are being met - food, drink, paper products even
> to toilet paper ha... all in abundance...   Nothing needed at the present
> time at all...   Abundance and thoughtfulness coming in from the brethren
> and community, and all those that dearly loved him and family for years...
> What do we do for a friend that owned a "greenhouse' - offer dead flowers?
> No!  He suggested no flowers - plain and natural send off - w/out
> pretense...  I noticed neighbors stepping up w/ cards and tokens of the
> flower money for Melly...  I thought that wonderful... \O/  We shall
> duplicate that leading...
> Any questions?
> Love jp and ok
> --------------------------
>  Already as we gather w/family in the house and spilling out into the yard -
> we miss Bobby - He would have enjoyed this collection of family and friends
> soooo... O;>)
> --------------
> Ms Melly, Bob's wife, gifted in song and lyric, had most recently these
> thoughts, as she pulled the "nightwtach" tending to Bob's needs in these
> latter days...
> -----------
> Father mine!  Father mine!  \O/
> I have been thinking...
> For the longest of time...
> In this world...
> racked w/ sickness and sin...
> Love wins!  LOVE WINS!!!  \O/

Why am I crying - at work...
Jim - somehow you really brought out a ton of emotion for me in this expose.
Thank you brother.
I want nuthin' more for me - which is prolly 20 years out, but ya never know...

The bride eyes not her garment
But her dear bridegroom's face
I will not gaze on glory
But on my King of grace
The lamb is all the glory of Immanuel's land.
(Rutherford/Anne Cousins)

DanG ChicagoArea

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