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Sat May 22 08:17:22 EDT 2004

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From: "Claire Bennett"

<<Don't you think it is interesting that Jesus didn't personally pen any
books or writings?>>

Hi Claire - I know just what you mean...  Yet I believe we have seen and
read his books...  We just didn't understand maybe, that He wouldn't use the
traditional parchments.  With the eyes and ears given/coming w/ the Holy
Spirit - His "authorship" might be clearly read and now understood...

One man said under questioning, "I don't know if he is good or bad, all I
know, I once was blind but now I see.."  The critics said, he didn't use the
right formula of parchments

Another a cheat, came down from his lofty vantage point - received him into
his home , and the letter/story was written on/in him...  The truly blind,
muttered he is the friend of sinners...

The one caught in the act of adultery...  He choose to write in dirt that
day - the dirt was those hearts that preferred stonings to mercy...

Other plentiful accounts, that I suppose, if I recalled just a small
portion, word count would easily block this post...

2000 years later Jesus is still writing...  Prolific books, that line the
annuals of heaven's hallways...  Prolific living books written by Jesus, and
pleasurably being read by me...

Jesus - the most prolific writer I have ever met...  and His ways are just
higher than traditional attempts of making the writers points...

Thanks Claire...  as you already acknowledge - we are in agreement...

JimP - kentucky

<<He didn't leave his followers a detailed program to follow to make sure
they did it right?  He wrote in their hearts and left the Holy Spirit to
continue with them.  He let those who encountered him each tell their
stories.  Comments?>>

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