House Church Talk - Camping/Hanegraaf/structure

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Sat May 29 11:05:23 EDT 2004

Parachurch ministries are going to support the IC as this is the source of much of their funding/speaking engagements/sales.  Hanegraaf has all sorts of skeletons in his own closet, namely financial and other improprieties.  Camping, if my understanding is correct, says that we must all leave whatever church situation we are part of and gather round the radio and listen to him.  He has also made numerous false prophecies, including several cases of date setting.  I gather the dates keep getting revised.  I don't listen to Camping, so I may not be aware of his latest teachings.

I believe the ministry of discernment is essential to the body.  However, professional discernment ministries cannot discern the hands that feed them and also fail to discern themselves.

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