House Church Talk - I Cor. 14:26-40 versus the weekly sermon

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Sat May 29 21:44:24 EDT 2004

I (the other Glenn on the list) must agree with both of you!


Glenn Frank

On 5/29/04 10:56 AM, "David Anderson" <david at> wrote:

>> So, in conclusion, our resolution must be to not allow the body of Christ
>> to become divided--with the prophets retreating into houses to seek the
>> ability to assemble in Spirit-led interaction, while the teachers give
>> their orations elsewhere, to the larger audiences in religious buildings.
>> Let the prophets give due deference to the teachers in the brotherly
>> dialogue, and let the teachers not seek to force the prophets into the
>> mold of presenting extended teachings as elevated from a pulpit.  Let
>> also the teachers in particular not succumb to the temptation of
>> forsaking the scriptural design for assembling in order to have
>> prominence among the brothers.  Let all gather to the Lord together, in
>> His name, in unity of the Spirit, and see Him work His incomparable
>> edification through brotherly instruction, through His body of
>> complementary members.
>    Hi Glenn, 
> A very keen post. A powerful and a much needed word! I only have one
> problem with it - you didn't sign it... At least give us your initials
> next time. Thanks!
> An old friend used to say that preachers were "2 feet above
> contradiction." That was a reference to the elevation of the stage on
> which the pulpit stood and to the fact that no one could question the
> sermons.
>   David Anderson

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