About the House Church Network


  • Exactly what is meant by the phrase "House Church?" "House churches" describe small groups of believers who gather in the name of Jesus Christ. They are similar to some the earliest churches which were occasionally designated in the Scriptures as household operations. These first Christians, you may recall, reveled in the fact that they personally had become the new dwelling place of the Almighty - living stones in God's spiritual temple.

  • What is the purpose of the House Church Network? Our purpose is to promote, for the glory of God, community and networking among non-traditional minded believers while conveying good will in Jesus' name to our traditional-minded brethren and the world at large.

  • What sort of networking? Our continual encouragement first and foremost. The House Church Network has been in service since 1992. We offer referral and informational services. Web-based Forums and an automated Registry of House Churches are operational.

  • The basic rationale? The undergirding principle here is that church is a means to an end - the end that Christ is honored as Lord of all spheres, now and beyond. All authority in heaven and in earth reside in Jesus Christ who reveals Himself primarily through through the scriptures but through nature and by supernatural means, as well. Knowledge and wisdom are thus derived from Jesus Christ through the His Holy Spirit.

This means that the totality of life must be God-directed as we are motivated by gratitude for the life, death, and resurrection of His Son. The Christian perspective is thus a unique world-view in which every follower of Jesus becomes a full-time Christian minister or servant. Every day, every event, every thought, every place become the domain of the Messiah. The line between sacred and secular progressively diminishes as Christ gives true meaning to all things. Every thought is to be brought captive to Him who is All and in all."

The home church format, among others, is well suited for the implementation of such ideals. This was demonstrated clearly in the first 250 years of church history and often thereafter. The Lord is again stirring up interest around the world in the unique house church arrangement and He is activating many. We frequently hear of other home-related ministries being formed and do rejoice in God upon their behalf.

  • Could you call this the underground church? Not really. The underground church is essentially what we confront too often at the present. Christians in the West have gone "to the back of the bus" with respect to culture - evangelism, mission, education, compassion, counseling, race-relations, conflict resolution, healthcare, law, and the arts. King Jesus has appointed us to be as lights on a hill, not as retreatists in a self-made ghetto. The word of our Commander-in-Chief, in whom all power in heaven and earth resides, is to go in my Name, not to stay behind in retreat.

Being finally energized by the Spirit of truth, the Church can then enter a new era of unparalleled outreach that extends to the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of church and society. The Christian home of the future will become a fully operational church, an evangelism outreach center, and a department of social services - all under one roof. Every saint will at last awaken to the new reality that his or her entire life is to be devoted to a world-and-life-transforming Christian ministry. The church will then leave behind its "worship service" paradigm and enter a new one of worship and service.

  • Are you ready for such a revolution? Have you begun to imagine who God is going to touch and bless through you, your family, and perhaps a church in your house? Have you begun to view your personal existence as a full-time servant-ambassador for the Son of God, ordained by Him to undertake any task heretofore relegated to religious professionals? Can you look into the future and foresee your home or apartment as His official embassy? Are you prepared to receive the greatest blessings that come by giving rather than receiving?

The Lord can easily bring these things to pass if we would but go down in prayer and repentance and then rise up in His strength to obey his mandates. The time is now, brother and sister. History is daily and sadly reminding us that the clergy, the educators, and the politicians cannot accomplish alone the magnanimous tasks that lie before us. If they can't then who shall?

  • What association do you have or not have with the institutional church? We encourage brotherhood and solidarity toward all Christians despite occasional theological differences. The real basis of our oneness is Jesus Christ - not perfect doctrinal agreement. This is an area where forebearance is required. The degree of involvement and fellowship will differ in each case but the mandate of Scripture is to love one another even to laying down one's own life. Christians should be welcome wherever there are other Christians and the truth should always be spoken in love.

An exceedingly great man, the apostle Paul, put forth the following rhetorical question: Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand. Romans 14:4.

  • Will the House Church Network become a centralized organization from which others are controlled or monitored? Certainly not, our goal is one of decentralization instead. Our desire is to see unique House Church Networks form under the Lordship of Christ in every neighborhood, village, and city as the Lord wills. Each member bound together by the Spirit of God and the blood of Christ. Mutual edification and cooperation on the local level - not outside interference - is the plan in view.

  • Some of these things sound rather technical. Would you simplify? Our simple desire is to see everyone come to know, to love, to serve, and to share our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ to the fullest. And, in this late hour, let us be certain we are utilizing every variety of church format as we reach out to a dying world.

  • Who are the main personalities at the House Church Network? Jesus Christ only, we trust. He is more than sufficient. The rest of us are just brothers and sisters attempting to be the servants of all and co-laborers with God. If Christ be lifted up, He'll draw all men unto Himself.

  • What else? Our internet presence is intended to stimulate investigation and discussion in view of the Scriptures. Therefore, articles or books representing opposing views may be found here so that the original source materials may be examined and compared. Let us then prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.

  • Finally, the House Church Network, which commenced in 1992, is strictly a charitable and educational organization which does not make solicitations for monetary funds. (We are not a 501c3 government approved, taxpayer subsidized organization.)

May the God of all Truth direct your mind as you consider these crucial matters!