Carolina House Church Workshop – Feb 2008

What: A Biblically-based workshop on New Testament Church Life:

  • The Lord’s Supper as a Celebratory Fellowship Meal
  • Participatory Church Meetings
  • Elder-Led Congregational Consensus
  • Apostolic Traditions & New Testament Patterns
  • A General Question and Answer Session.

Where: Smithfield, NC (30 minutes SE of Raleigh), just off I-95, in central NC.When: Friday Evening – Saturday Evening, February 8-9, 2008.

Who: Workshop leaders will be Steve Atkerson & Tim Melvin of NTRF (New Testament Reformation Fellowship).

We advocate historic, orthodox Christianity poured into the wineskin of New Testament church practice.

Please register by e-mailing the mailing address and name of each person attending to:Larry Carterlmnacarter AT or call 919-938-0688 (after 7 P.M.)

Web site: NTRF.orgĀ 

Children: Although children are welcome, please understand that this will be an all day seminar, geared toward adults, in a hotel conference center. Small children will quickly enjoy all that they can stand of the workshop!

Questions? E-mail or Phone Larry Carter. 919-938-0688 (after 7 P.M.)