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For a small fee…

You, yes you, for a small fee can franchise a house church network… If the mega-church is a failed model, then what is a better option? Recently the house church network (not affiliated with, thank you)  has become the… Continue Reading →

China – Not Your Daddy’s House Church

Is it not fascinating to see what now passes for a “house church” according to this short CNN video? Such a thing doesn’t disturb me though as I am not of the “house church only” school of thought. There is… Continue Reading →

Large Churches Looking to Small Groups

Traditional churches have taken note of the growing desire for more simple ways to worship. “Every large church I know is looking for ways to get small, to provide intimacy that may be missing,” says Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor at… Continue Reading →

House Churches Unlimited

Free ebook! This book addresses the dangers and delights of the house church format. It covers support and accountability, advantages and disadvantages, leadership and mentoring issues, worship and sacramental needs, conflict resolution and preaching, starting and multiplying house churches. This… Continue Reading →

Pagan Christianity? Hope or Hype?

Pagan Christianity? is a win-win for the “co-authors” and the “co-author’s publisher. A well known pollster discovers a book written several years ago by a lessor known, touches it up, and uses his name to promote it. Ultimately though, all… Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Expansion of the Church

Rowland Allen published a fine book by this title in the early 1900’s based on his experiences as a foreign missionary. I dig that title. Bring it on, Lord. I found a text version of the book. In it, the… Continue Reading →

Tracking house church growth in the USA

From the Editor of Joel News and a similar account on the home page of Dawn Europe, etc: The organic church guys from North America broke the rules again: instead of a Powerpoint with numbers they took a collective time-out… Continue Reading →

Carolina House Church Workshop – Feb 2008

What: A Biblically-based workshop on New Testament Church Life: The Lord’s Supper as a Celebratory Fellowship Meal Participatory Church Meetings Elder-Led Congregational Consensus Apostolic Traditions & New Testament Patterns A General Question and Answer Session. Where: Smithfield, NC (30 minutes… Continue Reading →

McLaren to the anarchists: Organize or die.

Take, for example, a church with an anarchist ecclesiology. (Don’t laugh-it’s more common than you think.) This ecclesiology sees problems in “the institutional church” (which is another term for “the church wherever it actually exists”) and concludes that they result… Continue Reading →

Case Study – Paul at Macedonia

During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, Come over to Macedonia and help us. After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that… Continue Reading →